Aplications IODICA

Various applications

Rôznorodé aplikácie

2. Application of natural iodine concentrate

in active cooperation with food industry, pharmacology,
wellness & spa, and other industries …

The use of Natural Iodine Concentrate is suitable for the production of any food products in which water is used (e.g.: meat, bakery, milk and other products, non-alcoholic and low alcoholic beverages, juices, mineral and table water), or its powder form is required (e.g. flour, salt and others).


IODICA and drinking regime – An effective natural solution to provide the body with sufficient and controlled amount of iodine and minerals in optimally soluble form.

It is the combination of water and iodine that allows the body to regulate the amount of iodine needed, does not accumulate it, and excrete its surplus naturally.


Natural Iodine Concentrate does not degrade the taste or aroma of coffee, but intensify it.

Applications in Wellness & Spa
In the Wellness & Spa area, several kinds of products are prepared in a variety of ranges based on Natural Iodine Concentrate, peat and herbs.

Health & Beauty
The use of Natural Iodine Concentrate in the manufacture of medicaments, for the preparation of solutions, in the production of emulsions, balms and creams.